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Professional Grief Support

Everyone experiences grief in their own way.

Your relationship with the person who died was unique and, therefore, your grief will be unique.

As a Professional grief counsellor, I will provide:

  • a non-judgmental, safe, and emotionally comfortable space for you
  • help to develop an action plan to help you move forward honouring your loved one
  • effective coping tools to manage difficult days, events, and occasions
  • opportunity to develop a personally unique plan for your grief
  • engagement with trained professionals if you require additional support

Together, we will journey to develop ways to stay ‘continually bonded’ with the person you are missing, while defining rituals that provide opportunity to honour your loved one. Learning what triggers your grief, developing a proactive plan, and giving yourself permission to acknowledge all feelings associated with your grief.

About Diane

Diane Lawson holds a B.A. in Thanatology, the study of dying, death, and bereavement, from Western University, and brings over 25 years of providing compassionate grief counselling as the founder and principal of Good Grief Support. She offers one-on-one support through psychotherapy (talk therapy) and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). Diane also leads and facilitates same loss support grief groups.

As well as her B.A. in Thanatology, Diane holds certifications in Bereavement Education and Cognitive Behaviour, and Children’s Grief and Bereavement from the University of Toronto, and SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health.

Diane is a member of the Bereavement Ontario Network. As a bereaved parent herself, she brings her own personal grief journey to her Good Grief practice in order to help support others on their own journeys.